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Hi! I'm Tayler

Hey there! My name is Tayler Harris. I live in a suburb just outside Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband, our two sons, and our dog, Dexter. I love being a mom, and a wife, and I love being creative in LOTS of ways! I found knitting when my youngest son was around a year old, and fell in love with it! I've been able to sew since I was about 8 years old, and I've recently started dipping my toes in the world of embroidery. When I'm not busy chasing and keeping up with my family, you will find me knitting or sewing the day away. I also run my own photography business, taking pictures of lots of beautiful people! I've started this blog as a creative outlet...I want to share my love of knitting, and creating. Here you will find reviews of yarns, patterns, fabrics, supplies, and tips and tricks. xoxo


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