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Truss Cardigan

A boxy cardigan with a fun trussed hem!

Be prepared for picture overload with this post! I absolutely love everything about this cardigan! The construction and execution was so unbelievably fun, and I, of course, love the yarn! You can never go wrong when it comes to Brooklyn Tweed...

This pattern is called Truss. It is designed by Melissa Wehrle for the Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 9 collection. I was drawn to the boxy shape and stitch design along the sides. I loved the look of the continued ribbing up under the arms, and the sweet eyelets. And I'm also a sucker for drop shoulders. I love that this design can be dressed up or down. I love the way it looks paired with this feminine, flowy top, but I also picture pairing it with graphic tees, tucked into high-waisted shorts, and my Dr. Marten boots, or converse. It's so versatile and would compliment everyone's wardrobe! The pattern itself is very well written and easy to follow. The stitch design is charted only, but don't let that intimidate you! If you've never knit from a chart before, this would make a great starter project for that! This is knit starting from the bottom up. You knit the bottom rib sections separately, and the join them together before starting on the body and chart sections. You separate the piece once you reach the armholes and knit the back, and two fronts separately; you then join the shoulders using a three-needle bind favorite! Stitches are picked up around the fronts and neckline for the front ribbing and button band. I love the way the buttonholes are knit, and hope to incorporate the same technique into my own designs. It was a magical process and so fun. If you haven't knit buttonholes before, don't worry. There are very clear instructions in the pattern notes. So very helpful! The sleeves are knit flat and then seamed together using the mattress stitch. They are then sewn into the armholes of the sweater. I liked doing them this way, but wish I would have knit them shorter. They are quite long on me, but I actually love the way they look scrunched up, and the longer length will make it easier to layer in the I guess I don't wish I knit them shorter, haha! Such a fun pattern, and one I would definitely make again. Giant 5/5 stars!

Let's talk about the yarn now. If you've followed a lot of my projects, you may have noticed that I love using Brooklyn Tweed's yarns. This particular pattern was designed to use Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter yarn. Shelter is 100% Wyoming-grown Targhee-Columbia worsted weight wool. It comes in 45 gorgeous colors, and knits into a beautiful, warm, and inviting fabric. I especially love the texture, and depth of color of this yarn. I chose the color Hayloft. It's a beautiful, rich yellow-green with flecks of orange and yellow. It is so vibrant and beautiful! After blocking, Shelter blooms and softens, and creates such a plush, squishy fabric that I just want to curl up in. The finished fabric is also surprisingly light and airy, yet warm and cozy. I absolutely love knitting with Shelter. It is bouncy, lofty, and I love that when I need to switch skeins, I can "wet-splice" the ends together, so there aren't any to weave in at the end! I love seeing the different colors as I'm knitting as well. Color just makes me happy, and the tweed effect of this yarn is so perfect. No other yarn can beat it. I will choose this yarn again, and again. Big 5/5 stars!

I found the perfect matching buttons at my favorite local yarn store, Blazing Needles!

Look at all those pretty flecks of color!! I'm obsessed!!!

I'm smitten by this project, and I will definitely make another! I hope you'll make one for yourself too! You won't regret it!

Pattern: Truss by: Melissa Wehrle for: Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 9

Yarn: Shelter by: Brooklyn Tweed in color Hayloft

Skeins used: 7

Size made: 43 1/4

Happy knitting!

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