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Sunwoven Sweater

A beautiful sweater knit with various Knit Collage yarns. It is a piece of art!

I participated in another Knit Collage KAL this fall, and I'm so excited to share my finished sweater! There were four styles to choose from for the KAL, and I chose the Sunwoven Sweater. It was really hard to choose which style to knit, because I love all four, but I'm so happy I started with this one! This design is by Amy Small, the owner of Knit Collage, and is designed to look like a woven wall hanging. I think it's beautiful, and it really does remind me of a woven wall hanging. I love the texture the stitch pattern creates, and I love the simplicity of the shape of the sweater. It's just the right amount of ease, and I love the length! The pattern itself is easy to follow, and although there were a few mistakes here and there, they were easy to spot, and easy to adjust and keep going. Amy also addressed them during the KAL, and edited the pdf we were all it was no biggie at all! As you knit this piece, you switch between six different yarns. This is my favorite part of the sweater, and what makes it so unique! Little holes are left where you switch yarns in the middle of the rows, but it is totally normal, and those are easily closed up when you weave in the ends of the yarn. I was a little overwhelmed with how many ends this sweater had, but it was actually quite fun and satisfying to weave them in. This pattern gets 5/5 stars! I would knit this again in a heartbeat! In fact, there are so many possibilities for color combinations, that I just might have to make them all! Let's talk more about the yarn favorite part! As always ;)

You guys! Look at the detail of this yarn!! I'm so obsessed! One of the reasons I was so excited to knit this sweater, was because it gave me the chance to use almost every single line of Knit Collage yarn. I had already knit with the Wildflower yarn in the last KAL, and because I loved it so much I was eager to try more! For this sweater you use Spun Cloud as the main color and a mini skein sampler kit which comes with: a second color of Spun Cloud, Wildflower, Daisy Chain, Cast Away, and either Rolling Stone or Gypsy Garden. The kit I purchased came with Rolling Stone. I don't even know where to begin when talking about all of these yarns. They are all so beautiful, and words can't do them justice. Hopefully the pictures give you a good idea. My main color of Spun Cloud was in the color Creme Brûlée. It's such a beautiful neutral, and I love the tiny strands of lurex plied into it. It has a subtle thick and thin texture, and it's so lofty and soft. The second mini skein of Spun Cloud that came in my mini kit is the Honeysuckle color. I love the pop it has against all of the other colors. It's to die for! The wildflower yarn is the color Tribal. I adore this fabric yarn and loved working with it again! Daisy Chain was probably my favorite from this sweater! I used the color Hyacinth Purple. This is the yarn of my dreams. Daisies are my favorite flower, and there are little cute daises spun into this yarn. So. Cute. There are also bits of fabric and tea-dyed lace spun into it. It's all done randomly and I was always so excited when a little daisy popped up in my knitting. It made my day! The Cast Away yarn was so interesting and fun to work with. I used the color Nomad. I love all of the different colors that are spun into this yarn. They are gorgeous! This yarn is very soft and has a thick and thin texture, but it is more tightly spun than the Spun Cloud. Last, but not least is the Rolling Stone yarn. I used the color Boho Dance. There are so many things going on in this yarn, and all of them are so surprising and fun! There are sequins, ribbons, sparkles, trims...this is the most fun yarn I've ever worked with! The five yarns that were the accents in my sweater are part of the Mustard colorway of the mini skein sampler kits. They all get 5/5 stars! I can't wait to knit with them all again!

Knitting this sweater made me so happy, and wearing it makes me even happier! Aren't those always the best knits?

Pattern: Sunwoven Sweater by: Amy Small

Yarn used: Spun Cloud in color Creme Brûlée and Mini Skein Sampler Kit in color Mustard

Skeins used: 4 Spun Cloud for main color and 2 Mini Skein Sampler Kits for accents

Size made: S

Happy knitting!

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