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Reine Cardigan

A cozy, feminine, everyday cardigan.

I love everything about this cardigan. The yarn. The design. The fit. Everything. Reine is designed by Alexis Winslow for Brooklyn Tweed using their Loft yarn. Tiny cables adorn the edges around the neck and pockets, and reverse stockinette stripes accent the shoulders and hems. These sweet details are what first drew me to this design. Simple increases and decreases shape the waist and bust, making it fit like a glove.

The pattern for Reine is superb. Very clear and detailed instructions made this knit go very smoothly. The cardigan body is knit in one piece up to the underarm. It is then separated into three sections to shape the fronts and the back, and then the shoulders are seamed together. Stitches are picked up around each armhole to create the sleeves. The sleeves are worked in the round using double pointed needles from the top down. I love doing sleeves this way. It makes it really simple to adjust the length to your liking. The two pockets are worked back and forth separately, and then sewn onto the front after blocking. I LOVE the pockets. They turned out so cute. This beautiful design, along with the great detailed instructions in the pattern, deserves 5/5 stars! Once I had sewn on the pockets, I brought my finished piece to my local yarn store to pick out the buttons. I had originally thought of using a brown tortoise color button, but with all of the blue specks throughout the yarn, navy buttons were the clear choice.

The yarn I used for this is Brooklyn Tweed's Loft. Loft is a 100% wool fingering weight yarn. There are so many things to love about this yarn. It is light, and soft, and spun into a delicate twist. There is a slight stretch to the yarn, and it's almost "bouncy". It is such a treat to knit with. It creates amazing stitch definition, and once blocked, it really blooms and creates a beautiful, dense fabric. I find myself constantly squishing and feeling my sweater when I wear it, because the fabric made from this yarn feels so amazing! Loft comes in 37 gorgeous colors. I chose the color Button Jar for this project. It's a beautiful green with lots of blue and yellow specks throughout. It makes for a great tweed look. I'm a little obsessed. I could look at it all day. I adore this yarn. 5/5 stars!

I didn't change anything in the pattern, but here are some things I did, that may help you too...

*There is a lot of counting and "keeping track" involved in this pattern. You have to keep track of the cables along the edge, the shaping, (increasing and decreasing stitches), and buttonhole rows. I would suggest reading through each section once or twice before getting started.

*I kept lots of notes as I went along to make sure I didn't lose my place or lose count of what buttonhole row/cable row I was on. I highly recommend doing this!

*I didn't steam block the armholes before picking up stitches for the sleeves. Don't skip this step like I did. I was too impatient, and I feel like that part would have gone a lot faster had I taken the time to block them out a bit.

That's it!

This is probably more of an advanced beginner project, so I wouldn't recommend doing this for a first sweater. But if you've knit a sweater before and are looking for something to challenge you, but yet not overwhelming...this sweater is for you!

This really is a great everyday cardigan. It's perfect for spring when there is still a little bite in the air, but you don't want a big thick jacket or coat.

Pattern: Reine by: Alexis Winslow

Yarn: Loft by: Brooklyn Tweed in color Button Jar

Size made: 33 3/4

Skeins used: 6

Happy knitting!

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