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Peppermint Springtime Shorts

A super fun and free shorts sewing pattern!

I'm excited to share another free sewing pattern from Peppermint Magazine! These are the Spring Drawstring Shorts. The pattern was designed by Pattern Runway for Peppermint Magazine and is free to download! It features front side pockets, a Paper-Bag waist, and curved hems. What isn't to love?

The pattern comes in 5 different sizes, and is super quick and easy to print out on your home computer and put together. I'm pretty sure the sizing was Australian sizing, so I was worried about which one to choose, but just going by the size chart worked well for me, so I would suggest doing the same if you aren't sure.

After printing and cutting out the pattern, and then pre-washing and cutting out my fabric, it was time to sew. The instructions for this pattern were very well written, concise, and easy to follow. The illustrations were great, and helped me tremendously when sewing the pockets. This was my first time sewing in front pockets. It was much easier than I anticipated, and like I mentioned, the illustrations were very helpful for me in making sure I was doing it correctly.

This was such a quick sew, and I love it when something comes together so quickly! I didn't change or alter the pattern in anyway, but the one thing I did that wasn't in the pattern was sew a drawstring using my fabric, instead of using cord. I just cut a long piece of my fabric, (longer than I knew was necessary, but I wanted to make sure I cut the length to my liking after trying them on), at 2.5 in. wide. I folded the edges in toward the center and pressed them flat, and then folded the piece in half again, hiding the raw edges. I then sewed along the open edge. After threading the drawstring through the buttonholes on the front, I tried them on, adjusted the length, cut the ends, and then folded those in, sewed along the edge and tied them into knots. I love this look and am so glad I took the time to make the drawstring instead of using cord.

All of the small details are what make this design so special. The Paper-Bag waist is definitely my favorite part of this design, and I love the way it sits at my waist. It is so fun to wear! Tucking in whatever top I wear with these is a must, because there's no way I want to hide my favorite detail. I also love the curved hem, and feel like this subtle detail is so flattering. Pattern gets 5/5 stars!

The original design was made up from a lightweight linen, but when I saw this chambray twill in my local fabric shop I thought it would be a fun alternative. I'm so happy with how they turned out! This fabric makes for a more "fancy" look, but I think with the right t-shirt and converse, they would make a fun casual outfit as well. The fabric has a beautiful drape and sheen. It's definitely what drew me to the fabric. I love the dark indigo color, and in some lights it looks almost black. Not only is the fabric a beauty to look at, it was a dream to sew with. Sewing the curved edges was so easy and the crisp lines this fabric creates makes me squeal with happiness. The label at the fabric store said it was Robert Kaufman, but I wasn't able to locate it on their website, so I can't say for certain if it is or not. I wouldn't be surprised if it is, in fact, a Robert Kaufman because the quality is top notch. I'm so pleased with the look and with how fun and easy it was so sew with. Fabric gets 5/5 stars! I think making another pair out of linen, or a fun cotton lawn print is in my future.

All in all, I loved this project from start to finish! I will definitely be making another pair, (or two, or three..), and I'm looking forward to styling them in all sorts of different ways!

Pattern: Spring Drawstring Shorts by: Pattern Runway for Peppermint Magazine

Fabric: Chambray Twill from my local fabric store

Yards used: 1 1/4

Size made: 8

Happy sewing!

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