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Peppermint Peplum Top

A quick, easy, and fun sewing pattern!

I LOVE this project! I've wanted to sew this for a long time and I finally set the time aside to accomplish it! This is the Peplum Top from Peppermint Magazine. It was created by In The Folds exclusively for Peppermint Magazine, and it is FREE to download and use! It's so hard to find good, fashionable patterns, especially free ones, and so when I found this I could hardly contain my excitement! There are so many things to love about this pattern/design. Obviously, the gathered peplum is what makes this design so special, but I also love the perfectly rounded neckline, the armholes are perfect and don't show the sides of my bra, and the back...the back has a cute v-neck. I love this detail. Look how cute...

The actual physical pattern and instructions are impeccable. I was so impressed! After downloading the pattern, it gives great instructions on how to print and assemble the pattern at home, or at a print shop. One thing I absolutely love about this pattern is that before printing it out, you can select which size you'd like print. You do this in Adobe Reader, and it is so easy! It makes cutting the pattern out so much easier not having to follow the lines for your size. The instructions for this are in the pattern and are very easy to follow. Honestly, I wish all patterns had this feature! And if I ever make this again and want a different size, I can go back in and select the size and print it out again. I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love this feature! Cutting out the pattern took some time, but it was easy. You basically just tape all of the pages together matching the letters and numbers, and then cut the pieces out. Easy peasy. This took me probably about an hour to do. Now that I've done it once, it wouldn't take me as long the second time. After cutting all of the fabric out, following the instructions for assembling the top was so easy. I love when everything is so clearly stated. I feel like this pattern is perfect for a beginner. Binding the armholes and necklines could be tricky if you've never done that before, but just go slow and definitely pin in place before sewing and you'll do great! I didn't change anything in the pattern, BUT when I make this again, (because I will be making another one), I think I may make the body an inch or two longer. I don't mind the length as is, but I'm finding I can only wear it with hight-waisted shorts or pants. No biggie, but something I'll consider next time around. This pattern gets a big 5/5 stars!

Let's talk about the fabric I chose for this project. I used Purl Soho's Watercolor Linen. It's one of my favorites, and I've decided after I finished this piece that I need to make one in every color available. This time around I chose the color Lilac Bark. It is the prettiest pale purple. In some lights, it looks gray, and I love it! Purl Soho's Watercolor Linen comes in 19 beautiful colors, any of which would look great made up in this pattern. This linen fabric is lightweight, and soft, and has a lovely drape. It was a little tricky to cut out, but I personally think any linen is hard to cut out. I just made sure to pin really well, and went slow. Sewing this fabric was a dream! It is sturdy, and creates such clean, crisp lines. I adore it!! This linen is definitely one of my go-to's and I will turn to it time and time again when looking for a linen to sew with. Fabric gets a 5/5 stars!!

This whole project, from the pattern to the fabric, just made me so happy! If you're looking for a sweet and simple project that will bring sunshine into your day, look no further. I will get lots of use out of my peplum top all summer, and I'm looking forward to even wearing it in the fall and spring with a cardigan or denim jacket. I hope you can enjoy making one for yourself!

Pattern: Peplum Top by: Peppermint Magazine

Fabric: Watercolor Linen by: Purl Soho in color Lilac Bark

Yards used: 1.5

Size made: A

Happy sewing!

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