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Kochi Jacket

A boxy jacket in a textured linen fabric!

This cute, boxy jacket is the Kochi Jacket from Papercut Patterns. I'm so in love. This pattern comes with three variations, and can be made in just about any fabric type. I chose variation 3. It has side seam splits, and an open front. This is probably the simplest variation, but I thought with the texture in the fabric I chose, it warranted a simple style. I'm so happy with how it turned out! There is also no lining with this variation, so it came together very quickly. Just what I needed...a quick sew and a stunning outcome. The pattern itself is so beautifully put together and so easy to follow. I opted to have the PDF pattern printed online at If you haven't ever printed with them, I highly recommend them! My pattern came perfectly printed on a big sheet, and the paper was very high quality. I figure by the time I pay for the PDF pattern, and then send to get it printed instead of printing it at home, I probably could have just bought the paper pattern in the first place, but there are instances where only PDF patterns are available, and I'm so glad to have found a great printer for sewing patterns. I will definitely be using them again. I've also heard that the actual physical paper patterns from Papercut Patterns are beautiful, so I think I'll buy one of them next time. I love all of their patterns, so I just need to decide on my next project.

But back to the Kochi Jacket pattern...It is absolutely perfect and has jumped to the top of my favorite sewing patterns list! Like I mentioned earlier, it was easy to follow, and came together quickly. The end result is stunning, and I will 100% be making another. Maybe in a wool fabric for fall and winter? I think next time I'll also go with variation 2 and add the pockets. They are so cute and practical. I love when a pattern comes with variations all of which I want to make. It's like getting multiple patterns in one, and all of these styles don't disappoint. I also love the sizes this pattern comes in. It's sized from XXS-XL. I made the XS size, but probably should have done the XXS. The jacket is supposed to be a bit more cropped, and I think the XXS would have been better in that regard. But even so, I'm not disappointed in the length this time around, it will just be something I consider the next time I make one. Pattern gets 5/5 stars!

Now let's talk about the fabric. I bought this fabric a couple of months ago from Blackbird Fabrics. Their selection never disappoints, and I instantly fell in love with this Linen Jacquard! It has the loveliest texture, and the caramel color is to die for! I knew right away that I wanted to make a jacket out of it, and I'm super happy with the result. The linen is just heavy and crisp enough to create the perfect amount of structure for the Kochi Jacket. I didn't want too much drape, but I didn't want it to be super stiff either. This fabric is just right for what I had envisioned. I will admit, it might be a little heavy for the middle of summer, but right now in the 60-70 degree weather we're having, it's absolutely perfect. I also love the lines that the texture creates. It makes the simple, boxy style of the jacket more visually interesting, but also doesn't take away from the simplicity either. I just feel like it's a match made in heaven. I was surprised by the amount of stretch this fabric had. It was a pleasant surprise and didn't mind at all! It made sewing the neckline easy-breezy, and I don't think it's enough stretch to make the jacket stretch out over time. It was just enough to help ease and manipulate the fabric while sewing when I needed to. It was fabulous and I just can't get enough. I hope Blackbird Fabrics gets more of this linen jacquard in stock in more colors! Fabric gets 5/5 stars!

I loved pairing this jacket with a simple black tank and pencil leg silky pants. The different textures, fabrics, and prints I feel all work so well together, creating a very simple, yet put-together outfit. I'm also picturing pairing it with bright tees and tanks with denim and tennis shoes. More textures and fabrics all meshing much fun! I hope you'll give this pattern a's easy and so much fun. And always check in with Blackbird Fabrics. They are constantly getting new and beautiful fabrics and their selection is always on-point!

Pattern: Kochi Jacket by: Papercut Patterns

Fabric: Linen Jacquard from: Blackbird Fabrics

Meters used: 1.8

Size made: XS

Happy sewing!

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