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Heath Pullover Sweater

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

A beautiful sweater knit from the top down in Quince & Co.'s beautiful Owl yarn!

From the moment I first saw Heath on Quince and Co's website, I knew I had to knit this beautiful pattern! It is designed by Elizabeth Smith for Quince and Co. using their Owl yarn.

First, let's talk about the pattern. This pattern is knit from the top down, and has raglan shaping around the arms. Can we talk about how much I love raglan shaping for a sec?!? Not only does it make for a seamless garment, but I love the slanted shape. It is so flattering. What's special about the raglan shaping in this pattern, are the cute little twisted stitches on each side. It gives a sweet delicate touch to the sweater, and I love the result! If you haven't knit twisted stitches before, don't be scared! It's easy! And the pattern gives great specified instructions for them.

The other element that drew me to this design was the cowl neck. The cowl is left until the very end, and it was like the cherry on top! I also love the garter stitch panel in front, and the a-line shaping making the back hem slightly longer than the front. The pattern is so well written, with very clear instructions. I give it 5/5 stars, and definitely recommend putting this on your list of projects to be made.

The only thing I altered was the length of the hem. Before starting the rib trim along the bottom, I added four rows to lengthen it just a smidge. I was worried it was going to be too short. In the end, I'm happy I made that decision, although after finishing and blocking the sweater, I realized it probably wouldn't have needed the added length. The yarn stretched out beautifully. Speaking of...let's talk about the yarn now.

Owl is the rustic yarn of my dreams!!! It is a worsted weight wool/alpaca blend. It is squishy and soft, and so fun to knit with. I love the subtle, little dark specks the alpaca creates throughout, and although I've heard from others that they feel this yarn has a slight scratchy feel, the soft alpaca blended with the American wool makes it "itch-free" in my opinion. I didn't need a cami underneath my sweater, and it is so soft to the touch and didn't bother my skin one bit. The fabric created with this yarn is so cozy and squishy, I could honestly live in it! Quince and Co.'s Owl comes in 32 colors, and let me tell was so hard to decide which to use for this project. All of them are BEAUTIFUL! The color that spoke to me the most when thinking of this design was Canyon. It is a muted/dusty pink and I couldn't resist it. You could also knit this pattern in Quince and Co.'s Owl Tweet. It is the same weight and yardage as Owl, the only difference is that it has little nubs of wool that pop out, giving it a more "tweed" like appearance. Their Owl Tweet comes in 9 beautiful colors, and are a bit more bold than the original Owl colors. I definitely recommend knitting with this beautiful yarn! I give it 5/5 stars!

Look how simple and beautiful the back is! And paired with skinny jeans and booties, this makes a great wear for fall and spring!

Pattern: Heath by: Elizabeth Smith

Yarn: Owl by :Quince and Co. in color Canyon

Size made: 35 3/4

Skeins used: 8

Happy knitting!

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