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Goode Sweater

Perfect everyday pullover!

There is so much to love about this sweater! The breezy dolman-shape, the v-neck, the ribbing...the yarn! I think I need one for everyday of the week! It is so fun and easy to wear and it was so fun and easy to knit. This would make a great first sweater! The pattern is Goode by Julie Hoover for Purl Soho. And once again, Julie Hoover does not disappoint. I love her designs and patterns!

Eeeeee! I just love it so much!! The construction is very straightforward and I loved knitting this garment! It is knit in pieces from the bottom up, starting with the back piece. There is a bit of shaping at the waist using decrease stitches, and then the dolman-shape is created using increases. Backward Loop Cast-On is also used after the dolman-shaping to create more length at the arms. After the main body, the sleeves are worked and more increases are used to create some shape at the along the arm edges. Short row shaping is then worked to create the shoulders and back neckline. The front is worked in mainly the same way until the neckline. The sides are separated and worked separately. Decreases and an attached i-cord are worked on either side of the neckline creating the v-neck. It was so simple and it was like magic watching the edge of the neckline appear, and be so neatly finished. More short row shaping is done on the shoulders and each side of the neckline is worked past the shoulders to be attached to the back neckline. The pieces are blocked and seamed together and then the edge of the neckline is attached to the back. Stitches are picked up around the armholes to create the ribbing. I think the thing I would say about this pattern is that anyone can do it. Just make sure you're keeping track of the decreases, increases, and take notes for the different sections where multiple decreases or increases are worked at the same time. That's the trickiest thing with this particular pattern. There are multiple things to keep track of at some points. It's not hard, but if you don't keep track, you could get lost when putting it away and picking it back up again. I did find that this was a great tv watching project though. Simple stockinette is always perfect for late night Netflix bingeing. Even though there were things to keep track of, it was always simple still perfect for watching your favorite movie. I love this pattern and I love the style and fit! I made the second size, but probably could have made the smallest. Sometimes I'm in denial about how short I am! But I really love the oversized fit and look of it. It's so easy to wear, and I love that it is so great for everyday...errands, school volunteering, soccer practice with my boys, or even their games...I can wear it anywhere. I just can't get enough, and really do need to make one for everyday of the week! 5/5 stars!!

I used the recommended yarn for this pattern...Purl Soho's Linen Quill. I absolutely adore this yarn! It is a fingering weight yarn with a blend of 50% Fine Highland Wool, 35% Alpaca, and 15% Linen. It is so gorgeous! The blend is soft, elegant, and great for warm weather. I love the texture, and subtle blend of colors. It comes with a generous amount of yardage and is very affordable, which makes me love it even more! There are 47 absolutely stunning colors to choose from, and let me tell was so hard to choose! I had to enlist the help of my mom and sisters. They all voted for the Mountain Bluebird color and I'm so happy I asked for their input. It is to die for! It is such a lovely blue, and has hints of purple throughout. <Insert all the heart eyes!> But because I love this project and yarn so much, I may have to make one in all 46 other colors, ha! The colors are all that beautiful. They range from neutrals, to bright, and rich. It is such a joy to knit with as well. It glides beautifully, is soft and hearty, and it blocks out so easily. I can't find words to do this yarn just have to knit with it yourself to see! I will use this yarn again and again. Big 5/5 stars!

I can't wait to make another Goode sweater!

Pattern: Goode by: Julie Hoover for Purl Soho

Yarn: Linen Quill by: Purl Soho in color Mountain Bluebird

Skeins used: 3

Size made: 41 1/2

Happy knitting!

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