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Freya Top

This fun, easy, and quick sew is perfect for an introduction to sewing with knit fabrics!

Have you guys heard of "Stretch"? It's a book by Tilly Walnes, (Tilly and the Buttons). It's all about sewing with knit fabrics, and guys! It is fantastic! I've always been so scared to sew with knit fabrics. I would create nightmare scenarios in my head and convince myself that I just wasn't good enough to sew anything with any type of stretch fabric. But, there are so many beautiful knits out there! I just couldn't stay away any longer, and when I saw "Stretch" for the first time, I decided I needed to conquer my fear and just give it a shot. What did I have to lose, really?

So I ordered Tilly and the Buttons, "Stretch", and when it came in the mail I was so happy with my purchase. It has so many, (I mean SO MANY), tips and tricks, advice and information. From choosing your fabric and supplies, what stitches to use, how to handle the fabric while cutting, and ironing, and it even outlines all of the different types of knit fabrics. I'm really just scratching the surface here on all you'll find in this book. It also includes six adorable patterns along with variations of each pattern...some of them with multiple variations! I just can't stress enough how much I love it. I believe every sewer needs this in their library.

For my first project, I decided to sew the Freya Sweater. I love turtlenecks, so I think that's why this one spoke to me first. The base pattern has a mock neckline with long sleeves. I chose to do the rolled neck variation in place of the mock neckline, and I love how it turned out! I can't wait to try the different sleeve lengths, and even the dress version! The instructions for the pattern are probably some of the best written out there! It has pictures for each step, and references to other pages of the book to techniques outlined earlier. It also has specific tips and tricks for this particular pattern which were so helpful to me. Seriously, every question I had was answered as the pattern continued, and even some other information I didn't even know I needed along the way! I'm just so blown away with this book and the Freya Sweater pattern. I can't wait to tackle the other projects in the book. Pattern gets 5/5 giant stars!!

The knit fabric I found isn't a sweater knit, but it is quite thick, and the feel and drape are out of this world! It is so incredibly soft, and I couldn't resist the purple! I found it at my local fabric store, and it was just labeled as a generic knit. It did come in other colors, so I may have to go back and get a few more shades! It is super stretchy, (I wish I would have looked at the percentage when I purchased it, but I was really just going on feel here...I'm still a newbie when it comes to knit fabrics, so I'm still learning!), it is super opaque, and again, it is SO SOFT!! It didn't slink around as much as I feared as I was cutting out the pieces, and even as I was sewing, I was able to really get the feel of it, and keep it from moving around too much. So happy with it! Fabric gets 5/5 stars!

I don't have any of my own tips and tricks, or things I did differently for this particular project. All I can say is, buy "Stretch"! You won't regret it! If you follow her advice and guides, you'll have a successful and fun sewing experience! I promise!

Pattern: Freya Sweater by: Tilly and the Buttons "Stretch" book.

Fabric: generic knit from my local fabric store

Yards used: 1.5

Size made: 2

Happy sewing!

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