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Crosshatch Cowl

A beautiful, one skein project that looks way more complicated than it is!

This Crosshatch Cowl is one of those projects that is just SO satisfying! Easy enough to work on while watching tv, yet still interesting enough that you won't be bored. If you can knit two stitches together, you can do this project!

The Crosshatch Cowl is a free pattern from Purl Soho. Yes, FREE! If you don't know about Purl Soho, I'm so glad I get to be the one to introduce you. They are a fabulous company! They sell all kinds of supplies, including their own lines of yarn! (One of them is used for this project, and I'll talk about it in a sec). Most of the patterns Purl Soho creates are free, and even the patterns they charge for, they do at a very reasonable price. Everything Purl Soho does is beautiful, and I can't wait to show you other things I've made using their patterns, yarns, and even fabrics. I have so many Purl Soho projects on my "to-be made" list...

Back to the Crosshatch I mentioned above, you only need to know how to knit two stitches together to be able to make this cowl. There is a slight variation to the stitch...instead of letting both stitches drop off the needle, you only allow the first stitch to drop off, it's so simple! The instructions are very well written, and they even have a video tutorial to walk you through it! I love this stitch pattern. It creates such a beautiful fabric on both sides! With how simple it is to knit, it is incredible how complex the end result looks. Another reason this project is so satisfying. A gorgeous, impressive piece, using a simple technique. Pattern gets 5/5 stars!

This cowl is knit up in Purl Soho's Line Weight. Line Weight is a light fingering weight, single-ply, 100% Merino Wool yarn. It is simple and delicate. It is VERY soft and a joy to knit with. The color I used is Red Zinnia. It is such a beautiful color. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but they currently have 15 colors ranging from neutrals to bold and bright. I promise you won't regret knitting with this yarn. I could use this cowl as a pillow that's how soft and luxurious the completed fabric is. Line Weight from Purl Soho gets 5/5 stars!

I have a few tips for knitting this piece that will hopefully help you, should you choose to make this cowl...

*I think the most daunting part of this project is the number of stitches you have to cast on. 464 stitches to be exact! I put removable stitch markers every 100 stitches so I wouldn't have to keep counting and counting and counting...and counting some more. It really helps to do!

*Try to cast on as loosely as possible! This is hard for me. I'm naturally a tight knitter, and the first row after casting on for this project is TIGHT! Trust me...the yarn broke on me halfway through the first time I was knitting the first row, and then I had to start ALL the way over. Yes, I had to cast on another 464 stitches. It wasn't my best moment. I think the reason the first row is so tight is because you're knitting on very big needles...bigger than the yarn calls for and the yarn is very thin and delicate. The second time I cast on, I did it as loosely as I could without it looking sloppy. Even though it was still tight knitting that first row, it was much easier. After you get past the first row, I promise it's smooth sailing from there.

*The last thing I would like to suggest is to block it gently. Instead of wet blocking, I pinned out the finished piece while still dry, and then spritzed lightly with warm water. The edges of this are going to want to curl, so it is important to block, but I feel like the stitch definition that makes this piece so beautiful would get lost if you wet block it.

That's it! I really hope you'll give this project a shot! I think I need to make another one because I love it so much!

Pattern: Crosshatch Cowl by: Purl Soho

Yarn: Line Weight by: Purl Soho in color Red Zinnia

Size made: 7in. Wide, 74in. Long

Skeins used: 1

Happy Knitting!

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