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Bolan Tee

A fun, summer tee knit in 100% linen yarn with a textural lace pattern.

This is the first tee I've ever knit, and I'm in love! It is the Bolan Tee, designed by Leila Raabe for Quince and Co. I'm not a big lace knitter, but when I first saw this design, I thought it was beautiful, and I knew I had to knit it! Let's jump right in...

First off, I really loved the construction of this top. It is knit sideways, which was a first for me. I loved doing this! It gives a twist to the ordinary stockinette stitch wearing it sideways like this, and I love the visual interest it creates! To knit this, you start with the right back side and knit outwards to the sleeve, then you put the stockinette stitches on hold, and continue knitting the sleeve and bind off. After that, you pick up stitches along the cast on edge for the left back and knit the other direction and finish with the left sleeve. I love that the cast on edge is visible. It gives the tee another interesting design element. After the back portion is done, you do all of it over again for the front. You're basically knitting the same flat piece twice. One for the front, and one for the back. Using the three-needle bind off method, you join the front and the back at the sides up to the sleeves. After blocking the garment, you use the mattress stitch to sew the bottoms of the sleeves and the tops/shoulders of the tee. It was a very simple construction, and there was no shaping involved. Very simple. Even the lace portion was very straightforward. It was a 10 row repeat, and very easy to follow. The notes section of the pattern was also very helpful. There were a couple of yarn overs that the notes section cleared up for me, so even if you are new to lace knitting, or yarnovers, the notes section will help you tremendously. The cropped style of this top was also something that drew me to knit this, but I was a little nervous about how it would look on me. I was pleasantly surprised after trying it on! I actually feel very comfortable in this! Thank goodness for high-rise jeans to cover my "mom tummy." ;) Pattern gets 5/5 stars!

Next up, the yarn! This was my first time knitting with 100% linen yarn. Well, actually, I've never knit with any yarn that has any percentage of linen in it. To be honest, I didn't quite like the feeling of it at first. It's very stiff and not what I would consider soft. It's not necessarily rough or coarse, but it's definitely a change from knitting with an animal fiber. It is Quince and Co.'s Sparrow yarn. I chose the color Penny. I absolutely love this color. It's rich, and vibrant, and I love it's coppery glow! As I got about 1/4 of the way through this project, the yarn really started to grow on me. I got used to the feeling of it in my hand, and I love the stitch definition it creates. The yarn really lets the design shine! Every stitch is visible and it lets the texture really pop. This yarn is a perfect choice for lace knitting! After blocking my tee, the finished fabric really softened up, and I can tell that the more I wear and wash it, the softer it will become. In the end, I'm really pleased with this simple and beautiful yarn! 4/5 stars!

This was a really fun and interesting project. It was totally out of my norm, but I love stepping out of my little box every once in awhile...and this time around, I'm so happy I did! I love my new tee, and I'm going to have so much fun wearing it this summer and in the years to come! I hope you'll give this pattern and yarn a shot!

Pattern: Bolan Tee by: Leila Raabe for Quince and Co.

Yarn: Sparrow by: Quince and Co. in color Penny

Skeins used: 5

Size made: 48 1/2

Happy knitting!

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